Made By Graham Cahill

The proposal-making process was central to this piece; until such time that the piece was accepted as a proposal, it existed only as a text-based fictional work. As an artwork the value of the proposal-making process was explored and considered as a pivotal yet veiled process in the production of art. In the writing of the proposal, I liaised with Graham Cahill (a Dublin-based high-profile gallery technician). In the proposal, Cahill’s profile, presence and role in the making of the piece was emphasised. On being accepted by a curatorial selection panel, Made by Graham Cahill was constructed and built by Graham Cahill over the course of an event entitled INVISIBLE. This project was informed by the veneer of production value in the making of artworks and the behind-the-scenes character of the art world. In this regard, the false wall piece was designed to emulate a typical theatrical dressing room screen to allude to aspects of secrecy and discretion.

Made by Graham Cahill, February 2010
Production stills
Stop-start video, 4 minutes, 28 secs.

This piece took place in conjunction with INVISIBLE - a multi-venue, interdisciplinary exhibition organised by the Blackchurch Print Studio and curated by John Graham, Oliver Dowling and Margaret O’ Brien. Follow link for further details.
INVISIBLE featured in venues such as IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art), The Project Arts Centre, The Back Loft, The Original Print Gallery and The Broadcast Gallery at D.I.T. (Dublin Institute of Technology).